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Blending mode Illustrator

In Illustrator, Blending mode determines how the pixels blend with underlying pixels in the image.
We can create various special effects using blending modes.
By default, the blending mode of a group of Pass Through, which means that the group does not have its own mix.

Steps we need to do in making Blending
Choose from the pop-up mode to the option bar.

Edit or paints each pixel to make the color results. However, the result is the placement of color pixels randomly with a base color or the blend color, depending on the opacity of the pixels at several locations.

Look at the color information in each channel and select the base or blend color-whichever is darker-as the result color. Pixels lighter than the blend color is removed, and pixels darker than the blend color do not change.
Look at the color information in each channel and multiplying the base color with the color mix. result color is always a darker color. Doubling the number of colors with black will produce a black color. Doubling the number of colors with white, no color change. as we give a color with another color except black or white, successive strokes with a painting tool will also produce a darker color progressive. The effect is similar to drawing on the image with multiple marking pens.

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